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Gen 5 2GB Silver Swimman

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Generation 5 - 2GB Silver Waterproof iPod Swimman Package

This is the top of the line Swimman Waterproof iPod Package (heavily discounted) to get you into swimming with music. Package comes with our patented noise distortion technology SwimMan Headset III which has unequaled shock resistance with low acoustic distortion and high acoustic pressure capability.

Headset comes with patented noise distortion technology and is 100% handmade in Australia by SwimMan Australia.

Your choice of colours (6 available) include Silver, Space Grey, Blue, Lime Green, Purple, or Pink.

Gen 5 iPod only.

Features & Specifications

- Internally Waterproofed (no bulky case or seals)
- Inbuilt Clip
- Compact
- Compatible with any 3.5mm Headset
- Syncs with iTunes
- Memory: 2GB Flash Memory
- Authentic Apple iPod Shuffle
- Waterproof 20 Metres
- Up to 16 hours Battery Life
- Tough Metal Body
- Height: 45.2mm (1.8 inches) Width:17.5mm (0.7 inch) Depth 7.8mm (0.3 inch) including clip
- Weight: 10.7 grams (0.38 oz)
- Shuffle or Play in Order
- Built-in Rechargeable Ion-Lithium Battery
- USB Cable
- Apple Earphones

Package Contents

- 2GB Gen 5 Apple iPod Shuffle Internally Waterproofed by SwimMan
- SwimMan Waterproof Headset III
- Apple Earphones
- USB Cable
- Waterproof Extension Cable
- Quick Start Guide