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Swimman Waterproof iPod - Getting Started

- Getting Started with you Swimman Waterproof Ipod Shuffle Ipod
- Swimman Waterproofed Ipod 2gb Shuffle Care
- Ipod Issues?

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Getting Started with your Swimman Waterproof Ipod Shuffle Ipod

1. IMPORTANT NOTE:  The slide button on the top of the iPod has been set in the ON and CONTINUOUS PLAY UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR SHUFFLE ON SHUFFLE THEN MOVE AND LEAVE IT ON SHUFFLE position please.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SLIDE THis BUTTON REGULARLY, without the explicit instructions from SWIMMAN AUSTRALIA, or for Reset purposes only, AS DOING SO MAY COMPROMISE THE WATERPROOFING AND MAY VOID YOUR WARRANTY.  Instead of using the OFF slide button, simply disconnect the Headset from the iPod.  The iPod will continue to blink for approximately 60-90 seconds and then turn itself off.  The function of the “Shuffle“ slide button is controlled through iTunes on your computer (shuffle your Playlist). 

2.Carefully follow the iPod Shuffle, iPod + iTunes QuickStart insert provided by Apple.

3. Read the Important Product Information insert from Apple before use.
    a.Note:  The warranty on your iPod 2GB  Gen 3 Shuffle Waterproofed by SWIMMAN AUSTRALIA, as stated under “Apple One-Year Limited Warranty”, will be honored and guaranteed by SWIMMAN Australia under the exact circumstances as stated under “Apple One-Year Limited Warranty”.
    b.For warranty issues on your iPod  2GB  Shuffle Waterproofed by SWIMMAN Australia, or your SWIMMAN Waterproof Headset III, contact SWIMMAN Australia through our website contact form on the home page,

4. For GENERAL ASSISTANCE with your iPod, click on iTunes Help (top left-hand side of iTunes window).  You can also go to for volumes of Help. 

5.For TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE, begin with the steps on the back side of these instructions. 

6. CARE INSTRUCTIONS for your SWIMMAN WATERPROOFED iPod 2GB Shuffle and your SWIMMAN Waterproof Headset II1 are listed below and also posted on our website, While your SWIMMAN is charging, please take a moment to read this important information to keep your warranty valid.

7.The SWIMMAN WATERPROOFED iPod 1 GB Shuffle, can be clipped to your goggle strap or headband, as well as to your swimsuit.  More information and pictures on HOW TO WEAR YOUR iPOD are on our website,

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Swimman Waterproofed Ipod 2gb Shuffle Care

Always connect your SWIMMAN Waterproof Headset to the SWIMMAN Waterproofed iPod before entering the water.

After each use you must follow the four (4) care procedures below*:

STEP #1: Keep the Headset connected to the iPod until you are out of the water.

STEP #2: Disconnect the Headset from iPod. This will electronically turn off the iPod in about 90 seconds.

STEP #3: After each use, carefully rinse off the entire iPod, Headset, Wires, Plug, Jack and Earbuds with FRESH, CLEAN water. Flick or shake out any water that may be in the iPod headset jack or water within the black Tubes and Earbud openings. Dry the iPod and Headset thoroughly, and hang Headset over a railing, towel bar or chair to drain and dry. Allow the iPod jack to drain with the jack opening facing down on a towel.

STEP #4: Store in a dry place with the headset disconnected. Do NOT store in a baggie or other material that does not breathe, as this will not allow residual moisture to escape!
Performing these important steps after each and every use will prolong the life of your SWIMMAN Waterproofed iPod and SWIMMAN Waterproof Headset! Chlorine and salt water are very corrosive and eventually weaken all materials. Good, regular care helps retard such damage.
* Failure to perform the above care steps with each use may void the warranty.

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Ipod Issues?

The first of Apple’s 5 R’s will conquer most iPod issues. 

First of all, make sure your iPod is charged.  Charge your iPod directly through a USB port on your computer— not via a wall charger, hub or keyboard port.   If charging your iPod does not solve the problem, or you are unable to charge your iPod, continue with the step below.

STEP 1:  To RESET iPod 2GB shuffle:

a.  Eject your iPod shuffle from iTunes or your desktop, if connected.   To eject from iTunes, click Eject symbol to the right of your iPod under Devices (left-hand side of iTunes window).

To eject from your Desktop, In the Notifications area of the Taskbar, left-click the Safely Remove Hardware icon.  (Note: If you do not see the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the Taskbar, you can simply remove iPod shuffle from the dock.)  Choose Safely Remove USB Mass Storage Device from the shortcut menu. If you have other USB drives attached, you may need to repeat this if you're not sure which drive letter corresponds to your iPod.

b.  Remove iPod shuffle from the dock.

c.  Move the power switch on the bottom of iPod shuffle to the OFF position and HOLD it in this position for 10 seconds.*
d.  Push the power switch all the way to the "on" position. The green stripe will be visible.  iPod shuffle is now reset.

*Only use this ON/OFF slide switch for resetting your iPod and not for routine ON/OFF functions as described above. You have SWIMMAN's permission to move this On/Off button as instructed above for this instance.  Your warranty will remain in force as originally described. SWIMMAN will take full responsibility for any damage caused by moving this button for reset purposes only.
Did this solve your issue? 

YES:  Enjoy your Apple iPod 2GB shuffle waterproofed by SWIMMAN Australia

NO:  Go to Apple’s 5 R’s at & continue with Step 2.   Or, you can email SWIMMAN Australia  for further instructions. SWIMMAN Australia provides only minimal technical assistance for the iPod or iTunes, as Apple provides expert help for their iPods and iTunes products.

SWIMMAN WATERPROOFED iPod 2GB Shuffle, and SWIMMAN Waterproof Headset III are protected by Patents 4683587, 6961434 and other patents pending.