Swimman Australia Waterproof iPod Most Frequently Asked Questions

  •   Who is SWIMMAN Australia?
  •   Who is "SwimMan?"
  •   Is this REALLY an Apple iPodTM product? Are there any differences?
  •   Is it really waterproof?
  •   What is the best way to wear the shuffle?
  •   Can I use other headphones with the waterproof shuffle?
  •   What is your return policy?
  •   Is there a warranty I can count on?
  •   I'm in! Where can I get one?

Who is SwimMan Australia?

We are the exclusive manufacturers & distributors of all Swimman products worldwide

Who is "SwimMan?"

SwimManTM is the originator of waterproof personal audio players and we have been producing them for over ten years starting with the first waterproof audio cassette and headset, then the first waterproof digital audio (MP3) player and now the first and only waterproofed iPod.

Is this REALLY an Apple iPodTM product? Are there any differences?

Yes! These are genuine 3rd & 4th & 5th Generation iPod Shuffles 2GB that Swimman has waterproofed using its proprietary waterproofing technology. Because the waterproofing is made inside the Shuffle, no bulky, heavy case or other obstructive and unattractive covering over the iPod is required.

Please note that due to the waterproofing process, the on/off button and the shuffle button will be stationary. The functions of these two buttons are controlled either by iTunes on your computer (shuffle feature), by simply disconnecting your waterproof headset (Off), or pushing the center button of the wheel for On.

The on/off button can be used for the 'Reset' process of troubleshooting - use of this button for troubleshooting purposes will not harm the integrity of the waterproofing technology.

We have designed the forward, reverse, volume increase and volume decrease, as well as the On center buttons to be slightly stiffer than your non-waterproofed iPod... this helps prevent song interruption from added pressure of water and from accidental bumping of the buttons. These buttons are still fully functional—and completely waterproof! Guaranteed.

Is it really waterproof?

It's guaranteed 100% waterproofed from the inside-out. Take it to the pool, in the rain, to the snow, to the beach, or even in the shower. Both the shuffle AND the headphones are waterproof. We're so confident in our products, they come with a 1-year limited warranty by SWIMMAN, Inc.

What is the best way to wear the shuffle?

The Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB Gen3 and Gen4 Waterproofed by SWIMMAN, Inc. has an integrated aluminum clip which the majority of our customers are clipping to the back of their head on their goggle strap. Others are clipping it to the back of the waistband of their swimming trunks, and some of the women are clipping them on their straps or front of their suits. The SWIMMAN Waterproof Headset II has long enough cables to reach your waistband.

If you decide to clip the Shuffle to your goggle strap, we suggest loosely bunching up the excess cables and tucking them under your goggle strap and/or swim cap if you wear one. This works very well and keeps the Headset cables out of your way. Just be sure not to crimp them, as this could damage the cabling.

Can I use other headphones with the waterproof shuffle?

Yes, you can use other “waterproof” headphones with our completely waterproofed iPod Shuffle. However, if those headphones are not actually 100% waterproof, they may short out. No harm will be done to the iPod, however, as it is 100% waterproofed from the inside. You should not need a special adapter as long as the other headset has a 3.5mm standard stereo plug (that fits the iPods).

Using non-waterproof headphones with your SWIMMAN Waterproofed iPod Shuffle Gen2 when not near water or moisture (such as sweating in the gym) would be fine and would prolong the life of your more expensive SWIMMAN Waterproof Headset II.

Our SWIMMAN Waterproof Headsets are made of high quality, rugged—and therefore, costly—components. And, it is the only TRULY waterproof headset on the market! Our earbuds are made of a flanged, softer, much more comfortable, more pliable silicon rubber than most headsets. This enables the swimmer to insert them further into the ear canal and to seat them much more firmly and securely to keep out water. Our SWIMMAN Waterproof Headsets have quality that is as high or higher than any on the market, AND they are completely waterproof — not water resistant like others on the market! As evidenced by the chatter on the web (including OtterBox) and the response from our customers, our SWIMMAN Waterproof Headset is the most comfortable to wear, stays in the ears during laps and flip turns, and keeps the water out of the ears, where all other headsets fail.

What is your return policy?

We are so confident that you will become a SWIMMAN enthusiast, we offer a 30-day Return Policy if you are not completely satisfied with any of our products. This makes for a no-risk purchase. For our complete details, Click Here!

Is there a warranty I can count on?

Yes! Once you've made a purchase with SWIMMAN Australia, you will be in safe hands. Our standard limited warranty applies to all of our SWIMMAN™ Waterproof products, which is 90-days parts and labor; one year parts only. All of our products also carry our 30-day return policy, which allows a customer to return their product(s) to us in resalable condition during the first 30 days of use if they decide it is not what they want. For our complete warranty, Click Here!

I'm in! Where can I get one?

Look no further. www.swimman.com.au is the only place you get the waterproofed iPod Shuffle.