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Triathlon Standard Package

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Triathlon Standard Waterproof iPod Package

All the basics to enjoy your audio while doing your Triathlon Training. Perfect sound both in and out of the water. This has been bundled to allow you to save by buying as a Package. The included Swimman Headband and Armband ensures headsets are secure while in the surf.

Features & Specifications

- 2GB Gen 5 iPod Shuffle Internally Waterproofed by SwimMan
- Swimman Australia Headset III. This Waterproof Headset is Guaranteed for Sound Quality while Swimming.

Package Contents

- Swimman Australia Waterproof iPod
- Swimman Headset III
- SurfSound or EarHanger Waterproof Earphones
- Adjustable Headband to Secure Earbuds in Ears while Surfing
- Adjustable Armband to Securely Attach iPod