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Surfari Sports Package

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Surfari Sports Waterproof iPod Package

For all surfers. Experience the crystal clear music quality while surfing with your SwimMan iPod and specially designed earphones plus keep your smart phone safe from water, sand or dust with our waterproof bag.

Features & Specifications

- 2GB Gen 4 iPod Shuffle Internally Waterproofed by SwimMan
- SurfSound Waterproof Earphones
- Adjustable Headband to Secure Earbuds in Ears while Surfing
- Adjustable Armband to Securely Attach iPod
- Extension Cables (30cm and 100cm) for attaching to anywhere of your choice
- Waterproof Bag
- Waterproof Earphones with bag

Package Contents

- Swimman Australia Waterproof iPod
- SurfSound Waterproof Headset with Headband and Armband (both adjustable)
- Apple Earphones
- USB Charge Cable
- 2 Extension Cables
- Waterproof Bag for Phone