Swimman Headset

Swimman Waterproof Headset Earphones

The Swimman Waterproof Headset is the top of the line Waterproof Headset. Quality workmanship. Rivals Etymotics, Shure and Sennheiser.  Quality noise cancelling earphones. Only difference? Ours are 100% waterproof!

Swimman Australia is proud to offer a 100% guarantee on the sound quality of the Swimman Headset III.

Features & Specifications

- 7mm Noise Cancelling Magnetic Receivers (transducers)
- Highest Quality Chemical Resistant Tygon Tubing
- Patented Noise Distortion Technology
- 3.5mm Jack
- Patented Clip Design
- Exceptional Magnetic Shielding
- 100% Hand Made in Australia by SwimMan Australia
- Ultra Fit Comfort Earbuds
- Waterproof to 8 Metres
- Speakers are of a Welded Construction
- Unequaled Shock Resistance
- Low Acoustic Distortion
- High Acoustic Pressure Capability