Clear Waterproof iPhone & SmartPhone Case/Bag

Waterproof Music Case

Compatible with all Smart Phones up to and including iPhone 6S, Samsung Galaxy, and HTC phones. All MP3 Players that have a 3.5mm earphone jack are also compatible.

LMB-008 Music Bag is a waterproof armband and necklace bag designed for those who would like to use their iPod, MP3 player or Smartphone for any water sport. The bag design is suitable for swimming, spa,paddling, snorkeling or surfing sports  or just sitting in the pool or ocean. The package comes with waterproof earphones and different size earbuds.. The patent pending ABS clip design can protect your player from the water. Fully operational in water(camera mode included)

The  Velcro armband is adjustable as is the necklace strap.

Features & Specifications

- Both Armband and Necklace type
- Waterproof for up to 20M
- Naturally floats on water
- Waterproof Earphones

Package Contents

- Waterproof Bag
- Waterproof earphone set
- Waterproof ear buds to fit different ear size
- Adjustable armband for swimming or outdoors activities