Top 9 Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise that presents many health benefits. It can be a great way of maintaining a healthy weight, toning your entire body and looking after your mental health!

Read on to find out our top 9 benefits of swimming.

1. Full Body Workout

Swimming is a great full body workout. Unlike other workouts, it involves the entire body and strengthens many different muscle groups including the abdomen, back, arms and legs.

Different swim strokes can also be used to focus on different muscle groups. So by incorporating different strokes into your routine, you can have an even more varied workout.

2. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Swimming is a great form of cardio. It strengthens the heart as well as the lungs, and has been shown to lower blood pressure and regulate blood sugar levels.

3. Great Recovery Technique

As it is relatively low-impact, swimming is a great option for people recovering from injuries. The buoyancy of the water supports the body and can help reduce joint pain and stiffness.

In addition, swimming is safe for people suffering from arthritis and other conditions that may make high-impact activity difficult.

4. Burns Lots of Calories

Swimming also burns through a substantial amount of calories. By doing just 1 hour of swimming, you can burn up to 600 calories!

Because of this, swimming is a great option for those trying to lose weight.

5. Relieves Stress

Like many other forms of exercise, swimming is a fantastic form of stress relief.

Recent studies have shown that regular swimming can help manage stressors involved with having a busy, fast-paced lifestyle.

6. Boosts your Mood

Swimming releases endorphins - hormones that stimulate feelings of pleasure and well-being. Because of this, swimming is a great mood-boosting activity and an effective way of maintaining mental well-being.

7. Safe During Pregnancy

As previously mentioned, swimming is a low-impact workout that supports the body. Because of this, it is a great form of exercise for pregnant women.

It is advised, however, that pregnant women talk to their doctor before starting any new exercise routines to ensure maximum safety.

8. Great For Kids

Swimming is also a fantastic form of exercise for children. It will not only get them moving, but will also help them feel more comfortable in the water and improve their knowledge surrounding water safety.

9. Affordable

Unlike other exercise classes and routines, swimming is a very affordable workout.

Swimming in the ocean is free and entrance fees to public pools are generally very low.

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