The Benefits of Listening to Music While Swimming

Regardless of whether you swim professionally or for leisure, listening to music while you swim has been shown to have many positive effects. It can help regulate your speed, swim for longer, and get in the zone pre-race or pre-workout.

Read on to find out the top benefits of listening to music while you swim.

Speed Regulation

Listening to music while swimming is a great way to regulate your speed. Whether running, walking or swimming, we often subconsciously match our steps or strokes to the beat of the music we are listening to.

This means listening to fast-paced music will help you maintain a quicker pace, whilst listening to music with a slower tempo will help set a more relaxed swim pace.

More Enjoyable Experience

Swimming, particularly lap swimming, can be mundane and monotonous. Listening to music can therefore be a great way of making it more fun and enjoyable.

Because of this, it can help you swim for longer and set new personal bests!

Increases Endurance

Listening to music while swimming can also increase endurance. It can help you forget about the exertion of the activity and help relax your muscles. It also provides a distraction from the environment that is not always conducive to staying in the zone.

Studies have shown that listening to music while swimming also reduces feelings of fatigue as swimmers are more focussed on their music rather than the stress on their body. This means you’ll be more likely to swim for longer or swim faster!

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