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NBA and Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant has talked of his joy at meeting the Australian Olympic Swimming team in London.Bryant posted on Facebook: "I just so happen to be staying in the same hotel with the Australian swim team. I couldn't resist the chance to watch them train and prepare for the Olympics, so I asked if it would be ok. They were excited to have me there. I loved the attention to detail they put into their training and the methodical approach they have. I was lucky because I met Stephanie Rice , 3 time gold medal...

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Former Australian Olympic and Commonwealth Games representative Craig Stevens talks about how much Swimman Australia's Waterproof Ipod has helped his training.Speaking about the difference Swimman Australia's Waterproof iPod had made to his training. Stevens said: "For a long time my life was just swimming. i spent 5 hours a day in the water training, lap after lap, over and over again I trained harder and harder. The amazing thing, is that since I got my hands on Swimman Australia's Waterproof iPod training has become that much more enjoyable""It's an awsome feeling pushing yourself harder in the pool with your favourite...

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