Swimming: The Perfect Recovery Technique

If you’re recovering from an injury, dealing with muscle aches and pains, or seeking a way to avoid that post-workout soreness, swimming may be the perfect solution.⁣

Swimming itself presents an abundance of benefits for your mental and physical health. It helps tone the entire body, improves cardiovascular fitness, burns lots of calories and is a fantastic form of stress relief. ⁣

Additionally, swimming is a proven-effective technique for recovery and rehabilitation. ⁣

According to a new study from the International Journal of Sports Medicine, swimming is a great method for post-workout recovery. During this study, researchers monitored triathletes before and after adopting recovery swimming into their training routine. They found that these athletes reported considerably faster running times after they had implemented post-workout swimming.⁣

Why? These same researchers discovered that recovery swimming reduces levels of c-reactive protein, which is the protein that is responsible for all that muscle pain and soreness you sometimes feel after you workout. ⁣

Regardless of whether you are an athlete or not, implementing a similar swimming routine into your workout can help reduce muscle inflammation and boost your performance. ⁣

Swimming is also a common rehabilitation method for injuries such as back pain, torn ligaments and post-surgery recovery. The buoyancy of the water supports your body weight, reducing pressure, whilst the different types of swim strokes engage various bones and muscles, alleviating pain throughout the body. ⁣

Keep in mind that swimming does not necessarily just mean doing laps. You may want to consider joining an aqua aerobics class, water biking or even doing water yoga. Whatever you choose however, remember to spice it up with a waterproof iPod.⁣