Scientific Fact: Music will improve your swim intensity

Runners can jam out to music while they're sprinting down Main Street; cyclists can rock out in the gym whenever they want. So why do swimmers have to be left out? Why doesn't someone figure out a way to waterproof music?

Answer: We already have

Music has been proven by science to make your workouts more intense, not to mention more fun and exciting, so why wouldn't you want some background tunes while you're hitting the pool? Traditionally, electrocution, not to mention the probability of totally ruining your device, have been major stumbling blocks in the quest to make fitness fun, but now Swimman has a line of brand-new waterproof iPods giving you your own waterproof music show.

The Generation 4 Waterproof iPod is 100% waterproofed from the inside out, using our state of the art proprietary technology. It comes with two gigs of storage and can plummet to depths of up to 20 meters—or over ten times the depth of an Olympic swimming pool—while still going strong. Its body is made of a tough, durable metal, ready to play your waterproof music through whatever paces your rigorous regime demands. It comes packaged with a pair of official Apple-branded headphones and a waterproof extension cable, and it's available in a variety of colors. If you've ever thought to yourself, "You know, swimming is a lot of fun, but what I could really use right now is some waterproof music," then this is the device for you.

What if you already have an iPod? Then consider an upgrade. You can send in the iPod you already have to be waterproofed by our experts, thus saving you some extra cash while still giving you the waterproof music you need to help you power through your workout. The process takes 2-5 business days if you're an Aussie and 5-10 for international buyers. Consider spending some of the money you've saved on this waterproof headset, which attaches right to your swimming goggles for a comfortable—not to mention stylish and useful—fit.

Whether you're a world-class swimmer, a sailor, a beach Mom, or someone who's using water to rehabilitate from injuries, there's nothing like waterproof music to make a fun experience even more so—and that's just what the Waterproof iPod offers.

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