Australian Iron Man discussed training and the upcoming season

Australian Iron Man Mark Simpson speaks to Swimman Australia about the upcoming season and what he gets up to when he is not training so hard.

Hi Mark, Good to see you. What have you been up to?

Just been training really hard mate. I have the Nutri Grain Trials Up in Noosa on August 27 + 28th. This is to re-qualify for the series 2011/2012. My main focus is on that one objective at the moment.

How is your training going?

Training is going great, all is on track. The experience I have gained competing in the series for the past 2 years is invaluable. I am always learning and have come realise what my strengths and weaknesses at that level. I know what I need to improve on and that is what I have been focusing on.

How do you find training down in NSW over winter, when all of your main competitors are in QLD?

I love training at home down at Cronulla, yes it gets hard over winter with bad weather and the cold, but you just get through it, and it makes us NSW guys tougher! Can’t say that I won’t be rejoicing in the warm weather in Noosa though.

What else is happening?

At the moment I am really busy running the businesses. At Cronulla Swim school our numbers are rising as we start to approach the warmer weather. There is also the Distribution of Vici Swimwear.  We have gained a lot of new contacts through this channel so they are keeping us busy with orders.

I have also, along with my brother Dean acquired Infront Surf Craft, so it looks like its going to be a busy summer!

How do you fit training and the running of your businesses in?

I have to be very organised and have a busy and strict schedule, but I have the worlds best staff I couldn’t do it without them!

Mark Simpson swears by his Swimman Australia Waterproof iPod.

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